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Astoria, NY

Donald Borenstein

Multimedia journalist with experience in covering environmental policy, public & maternal health, critical review, and on-site reporting. With experience as a videographer, along with my audio and video production skills, I can be the one-person multimedia team your publication needs.


Dark Forests: Interview With Bopha Phorn on Investigating Land Deals, Logging, Gender Issues in Cambodia

Cambodia is a young democracy in transition. It has the highest rate of urbanization in Southeast Asia, but the lowest percentage of current urban dwellers and widespread poverty. The Mekong River, on which millions of rural Cambodians rely, is being dammed at a rapid pace, both upstream, beyond the country’s borders and within. Aided by weak land laws, both foreign and domestic industrial forces have staked claim to large swaths of the country for logging and rubber plantations, displacing thousands. Bopha Phorn, editor-at-large for The Cambodia Daily, the country’s largest English-language newspaper, has amassed an impressive record of investigative coverage on logging, government land deals, dam construction, and gender issues, but not without considerable personal risk. She was recently in Washington, DC, to be honored by the International Women’s Media Foundation for courage in journalism, due in part to an investigation into illegal logging during which one of her companions was killed by military police. Phorn has continued her investigative efforts in spite of increased government pressure. While she was in DC, we had a chance to talk to her about covering environmental corruption in Cambodia and the future of journalism in the burgeoning nation.
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Donald Borenstein

My work has appeared in publications such as the Associated Press newswire, New Security Beat, Planet Experts, SEJournal, RatingsIntel, HardcoreDroid, and Inflatable Ferret. I am an experienced freelancer in subjects ranging from on-site coverage, environmental journalism, policy review, research and analysis, critical review (television/video games/film/music), and more! I'm also experienced working in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Audacity, and Photoshop for multi-media coverage.

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